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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

End Hate Speech in the Diamondback!

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*Updated 10/22/14*

Racism has been allowed to cozy up to our student paper. The Diamondback has published a series of advertisements paid for by a far-right think tank called FLAME (“Facts and Logic About the Middle East”) that whitewashes the documented human rights violations of Israel.

These ads are anti-Arab, Islamophobic propaganda. One ad, published in the September 30th, 2013 edition of the paper, begins by denying the existence of the Palestinian people—it characterizes all Arabs as a monolithic group of people with no cultural, historical, or linguistic distinctions. So, it follows, the Palestinian people don’t exist —therefore Israel really is a land without a people for a people without land. Except that, inconveniently for the FLAME’s narrative, Palestinians have lived on that land for centuries, and are in fact a distinct people with a rich culture.

 The ads continue by denying that the West Bank or the Gaza Strip have ever been occupied territories—ignoring that the United Nations, Amnesty International, and virtually the entire international community consider the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem to be territories militarily occupied by Israel in violation of international law. Amongst other things, these ads allege that while Israel has always vouched for peace, their efforts have been thwarted by “the Arabs,” who just refuse to sit down and negotiate, when in fact for more than 63 years Israel has been disposing Palestinians, expelling them from their land and homes, creating one of the largest and longest standing populations of displaced persons in the world with 6.6 million refugees and 427,000 internally displaced persons. Israel, as an occupying power, has an obligation to obey international law -- including withdrawal from occupied Palestinian territories and respecting the human rights of refugees.

            It’s troubling that the Diamondback published these advertisements for several reasons. First, they alienate many students on campus—for example, those who would take offense to using phrases such as “Arab aggression” or “Muslim terror” or “the unrelenting hatred of the Arabs against the Jews” to generalize the beliefs of all Arabs and Muslims. Secondly, our student paper should never condone hate speech, racism, Islamophobia, or imperialism. Yet by agreeing to publish ads that support all of these things in return for money, it’s done just that. That is unethical.

This is not the first time that students have had an issue with the Diamondback publishing FLAME ads. In 2011, students formed the “End Hate Speech at UMD” coalition in response to the ads, pressing the Diamondback for an apology. The Student Government Association also passed a unanimous resolution condemning the ads as hate speech and calling for the Diamondback’s advertising department to refrain from publishing any more ads by FLAME.
At the time, the Diamondback argued that “…We believe it is FLAME’s right to publicize its subjective opinion, just as it would be a pro-Muslim organization’s right to publicize an alternative viewpoint.”

We hope that the current editorial board can understand that this is about the ethics of running a paper, and ensuring that the experiences of an oppressed people are not marginalized by racist propaganda. Hate speech is not a respectable “subjective opinion”, and the Diamondback has no obligation to publish a paid advertisement advocating racist views. We would deplore any group’s decision to publish racist ads, including a “pro-Muslim organization.”

We therefore call on the Diamondback to discontinue the publication of these advertisements, and to stand with the student body and 2011 SGA resolution in opposing hate speech.


Students for Justice in Palestine at UMD
Organization of Arab Students, University of Maryland Chapter
Black Male Initiative at UMD

Political Latinos United for Movement and Action in Society
Gamma Phi Sigma "Hermanos Unidos" Fraternity Inc.
Coalition of Latino Student Organizations
Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Incorporada
Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc.
Pride Alliance
International Socialist Organization, University of Maryland Branch
Student Labor Action Project at UMD
Legitimizing and Unifying a Network of Undocumented Americans
El Sol
Community Roots

Monday, October 6, 2014

"Harvest of Empire" Screening

Screening of "Harvest of Empire", a documentary film about US imperialism and Latino immigration
Co-sponsored with El Sol, PLUMAS, and Community Roots!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

New SJP Facebook Page

SJP, University of Maryland Chapter has a new facebook page. Please add yourself to our group to stay up-do-date on SJP events and news!

Monday, March 24, 2014

President Loh, Support the Academic Boycott of Israel!

Dear University President Dr. Wallace Loh,

The American Studies Association, the Association for Asian American Studies, and the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association have all declared their support for the Palestinian call to boycott Israeli academic institutions. These are tremendous victories for the struggle against Israeli apartheid and the settler-colonial occupation of Palestine. The members of these associations have shown their integrity and courage by calling out Israel’s human rights violations against the Palestinian people, including Israel’s chronic restriction of academic freedom imposed upon Palestinian students and academics.

It must be clear that the boycott is of institutions, not individuals. Israeli scholars have every right to research as they wish, but under the boycott they may not officially represent their universities or use their research to maintain the systematic oppression of the Palestinian people. The ASA, AAAS, and NAISA did not vote to boycott Israeli academic institutions because of the “national identity” of Israeli scholars, but because those institutions are complicit in equipping the Israeli state with the technology and false narratives necessary to sustain Israel’s ongoing violence against Palestinians.

In the words of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association: “...we strongly protest the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and the legal structures of the Israeli state that systematically discriminate against Palestinians and other Indigenous peoples.”

And again, in the words of the American Studies Association: “The [boycott] resolution is in solidarity with scholars and students deprived of their academic freedom and it aspires to enlarge that freedom for all, including Palestinians. The ASA’s endorsement of the academic boycott emerges from the context of US military and other support for Israel; Israel’s violation of international law and UN resolutions; the documented impact of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian scholars and students; the extent to which Israeli institutions of higher education are a party to state policies that violate human rights; and finally, the support of such a resolution by a majority of ASA members.”

Academic freedom is not infringed upon by the boycott -- it is demanded.

Therefore, we call upon President Loh, Senior Vice President and Provost Mary Ann Rankin, and the united University of Maryland community to stand in solidarity with the members of the ASA, AAAS, and NAISA in calling for the academic freedom of all people regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity, and to hold Israeli universities accountable for their role in supporting the occupation and oppression of Palestine.

Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Maryland Chapter
Political Latinos/as United for Movement and Action in Society (P.L.U.M.A.S.)
Black Male Initiative
Organization of Arab Students
International Socialist Organization, University of Maryland

In Solidarity with Northeastern University

We have recently learned that the administration of Northeastern University has suspended the Northeastern chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, alleging a series of violations of university policies – chiefly the distribution of mock eviction notices. Based on the evidence and on the testimony of the students involved, the charges seem false. In any event, non-university approved flier distribution happens constantly on every campus. For that reason, it is difficult for us to see this suspension as anything but an attempt to shut down an SJP chapter. Indeed, the punitive and racist nature of this action has become clearer yet with the revelation that the administration has appeared to target only students of color in the disciplinary charges it has filed.

We reject this attempt at political censorship, and affirm here our solidarity with Northeastern SJP, and call on the Northeastern administration to immediately lift its suspension of that chapter.

The charges have been lodged at a time when an increasing number of SJP groups around the country are running successful campaigns to educate university students about the colonial nature of Israeli policies – ones carried out with US support and US taxpayer money.

Such repression of the political speech of SJPs is not a new means to deal with such success. It comes amidst an atmosphere within which university administrations are using every means possible to censor and silence those advocating for an open hearing for the Palestinian case. At Florida Atlantic University, student activists were placed on probation for briefly protesting the presence of a war criminal from the Israeli Occupying Forces on their campus. At Barnard, the administration has censored the SJP there, taking down a banner after the student group had complied with all normal procedures for putting it up. At the University of California at Irvine, students faced criminal charges for interrupting the speech of an Israeli state official. And at Cornell University, the police physically assaulted a female graduate student at a protest and threatened an SJP member with arrest for trespassing. The response of the administration was to issue a whitewash, and to unsuccessfully attempt, in blatant disregard of a Faculty Senate report and its recommendations, to rewrite the campus code in order to limit the right of free assembly.

The pattern is clear, and it is damning. University administrators, aware of the role a racist Israeli state plays for American foreign policy in the Middle East, are desperate to protect it from criticism. Indeed, they are willing to gut the free political speech and organizing of their own students in order to do so.

We note here that such repression has not been limited to Palestine-related work. At the City University of New York, students were physically assaulted by the police as they civilly protested the presence of General David Petraeus. Other CUNY students face felony charges for their work in protecting the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community and Student Center from being closed by the administration.

These violations of free speech are equally clear and equally damning.

The spaces which previous generations of students opened up for progressive activism are being shrunk, sealed off, and shut down, unremittingly, systematically, in some cases brutally, and with the constant and enthusiastic support of university administrations.

The charges against Northeastern SJP and the suspension of that chapter are the latest volley in this ongoing assault against student activism in this country. Such attacks manifest in the clearest possible way the university administration’s contempt for basic democratic values.

Furthermore, an attack against any SJP chapter is an attack on all SJP chapters, an attack on the very idea of student advocacy for the Palestinian cause on college campus. It is a clear statement that while speech in defense of racism may be protected, anti-racist speech is not. This we do not accept.

In solidarity,

Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine

College of Staten Island Students for Justice in Palestine

Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine

Students for Justice in Palestine, CUNY School of Law

Students for Justice in Palestine, Ithaca College

Students for Justice in Palestine, Northwestern

Students for Justice in Palestine, SUNY-Binghamton

Students for Justice in Palestine, Smith College

Students for Justice in Palestine, University of Florida

Students for Justice in Palestine,University of Maryland

UC Santa Cruz Committee for Justice in Palestine

This letter was originally published on the Cornell SJP website.